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"Hey, you shouldn’t eat that. It’s not good for you."



this guy is listening to loud ass gospel music in the library and one of the workers asked him to turn it down and he said “YOU CANT TURN DOWN JESUS”


this is still SO FUNNY


There is always that annoying family of 12 that walk into the theater at the last second



I wish I could find clothes that matched.

this is what I dream about

"Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured."

Unknown (via giant-tree)

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Sorry I haven’t posted in close to a week but my kidney stone has been giving me hell. I went to the ER tonight in pain & unable to pee. They put in a catheter & I got a CT to see if I passed the kidney stone. They said I had not one kidney stone, but now I have SEVERAL kidney stones! Some in my bladder & some in my kidneys! The best the doctor could explain is I either passed the original stone & my body made a lot more or I didn’t pass the original stone & my body kept making more.

I got referred to the urologist again & this time we’re actually going to see one if these don’t pass.

He put me on stronger pain meds, flomax & nausea meds & gave me a shot of dilaudid & phenergan in the ER.

If I continue having issues I may need to get admitted so they can figure this out & possibly have surgery.

It sucks because my mom has surgery on Tuesday & will be in the hospital for a a few days & I’m planning on staying in there with her. I can’t stay with her if I’m admitted myself! So, hopefully the flomax gets them out this time!

If it’s not my Crohn’s, Endometriosis, Gastroparesis or JRA it’s always something else!

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I'm bad at these bio things. It's like a first date like do I tell these strangers this or that.

All you should know is I'm Elizabeth, I'm part of the class of 2014 & I suffer from a handful of chronic illnesses. It's given me a painful view of reality at a young age but didn't all the greatest world changers have a rough start too? You'll find out fun tidbits about me along the way.

By the way this blog has no real rhyme or rhythm. It's basically just my personality on a laptop screen.

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